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Very Excited to Find A Top Job  

One year after my university graduation, I have found a job now as a marketing manager.

Mr Hassan L.H.    Kaduna   
I Found Accounts Officer's Job in Ibadan  

A friend referred me to where I searched and found an Accounts Officer's job in Ibadan.

Three weeks into the job now and I am loving this new opportunity.

This is Temitope Ade in Ibadan saying 'Thank You' to NaijaNewJobs.

Temitope Ade    Ibadan   

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Cover Letter Writing Advice

Covering Letter - Cover Letter Writing Advice Tips For Job Seeker

Applying For a Job: Top Tips For CV and Covering Letter

Even if you’re organised enough to have an up to date CV to hand, you’ll need to tailor it before it’s good to go. Mass mailings can sometimes get you an interview, but it’s hit and miss. That’s because one of the most common misconceptions about CVs is that it they are all about showcasing yourself. This article will provide you with a framework, a few examples and some guidelines to follow when writing a CV and covering letter, in line with common practice. It will also help you to focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

Covering Letter - Cover Letter Writing Advice For Job Seekers

Cover Letter: Academic Teaching Position

Welcome to, the number one for Nigeria jobs and career advice. Find Cover Letter: Academic Teaching Position.

CV Writing Advice

Job Networking - Job Search In Nigeria - Nigeria Job - Job Search Networking

CV Writing – Part 3: Responsibilities and Achievements

This is your opportunity to really sell yourself. Think of your CV as a way to market your own skills, experience and knowledge. List your most recent and most senior responsibilities first, but only list the ones that are directly relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Job Networking - Jobs Search In Nigeria - Nigeria Jobs - Job Search Networking

CV Writing – Part 2: Education and Work Experience

A CV should not contain details about everything you have ever done. Think about what is relevant for this job. For example, if you have many degrees and postgraduate qualifications and the job for which you are applying is very senior, there is no need to include details of your O Levels or GCSE. Most people write chronological CVs, so list your jobs in order of most recent and most relevant first. If you would rather write a skills-based CV, divide your employment history into themes.

Job Interview Advice

Competency Based Interview Questions - Competency Interview Questions

Competency Based Interview Questions: How You Can Prepare

How do you manage your workload effectively? Everyone has their own way of keeping on top of their tasks and responsibilities, making sure they meet their deadlines and goals. Perhaps you have a list of tasks which you order by priority, reviewing this list throughout the day and reordering if needed. Either way, be prepared to talk about how you stay organised and in control of your own workload. The employees who can rise to a challenge and think of innovative ways to solve a problem are the ones who go on to achieve great things both for themselves and the business.

Interview Cheat Sheet - Job Interview

Interview Cheat Sheet: These Tips Will Help You Win In Your Job Interview

In the days before the interview, draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On the left side, make a bulleted list of what the employer is looking for based on the job posting. On the right side, make a bulleted list of the qualities you possess that fit those requirements. Write at least five success stories to answer behavioral interview questions (“Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of a time…”).

Job Search Advice

Online Job Applications

Online Job Applications: Tips For Success

Over the last ten years there has been a steady growth of on-line application forms that are often tricky to complete and sometimes have word limits (usually around 200 words) for each question. Some employers allow you to partially complete the form and return later. Remember that they can read even your half completed form.

Dream Career - Dream Job

Job Search: Matching Your Skills To A Job’s Person Specification

Filling in job application forms can be a long and boring process, especially if you are applying for a number of jobs at once. However, it is vital that you use the application form and covering letter to show that you are the ideal person for the job. One way to do this is to match your skills and knowledge to the ‘person specification’.

My Life Story

Ope Tejuoso

Ope Tejuoso: The Making of Her Cooking Career

Ope Tejuoso: “I started cooking from age six and my grandma taught me how to cook. She would mix most of it and tell me to carry it to the cooker. I was also influenced by the fact that I am the only girl and we had a lot of parties when I was young. I actually started making money from Queens College and later UNILAG. “

Saturated Industry

3 Ways to Stand Out in a Saturated Industry

Do you get my drift? By riding an already existing trend and promoting it, your business will stand out among the pack of people offering similar products or services.