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No matter what the job is, roadblocks will always come up. This means that employers need someone who’s able to deal with them in an optimistic, non-defeatist manner. Not only should they be able to solve problems, they should also be able to learn and grow from failure. Without employees like this, a business will undoubtedly crumble at the first sign of trouble. So how can you demonstrate resilience to an employer? Aside from talking about any hurdles you’ve overcome in the past, it’s also key to draw attention to your determination and dedication to doing well. After all, if you’re passionate about your goals, you’re more likely to do what it takes to get there.Read More →

Ope Tejuoso

Ope Tejuoso: “I started cooking from age six and my grandma taught me how to cook. She would mix most of it and tell me to carry it to the cooker. I was also influenced by the fact that I am the only girl and we had a lot of parties when I was young. I actually started making money from Queens College and later UNILAG. “Read More →

Resignation Letter - Resign from Job

Everyone has different reasons for leaving their job, so it can be difficult to write a resignation letter that reflects your situation. If that wasn’t enough pressure, there’s the knowledge that getting it wrong could lose you a reference and potentially good contacts.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you, and created resignation templates to help take the stress out of leaving your job.Read More →

Mental Health and Job Strain in Workplace

How often do you ask yourself such questions? If the answer is “never”, perhaps you should reconsider. From time to time everyone ought to take stock of what they have achieved and what they want to achieve. Careers need to be properly managed, just as companies need to be. However, some of the most successful and fulfilled people are those who are prepared to cast off their inertia and move on. Don’t become a stick-in-the-mud – self-evaluation can lead to progress.Read More →

Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiations can occur at any point during your career. They could happen during an interview, once you’ve been offered a position or even whilst under contract with your employer. Just because you have a particular salary now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate if market forces change, or if your responsibilities change. The employer may be able to sweeten the deal by paying for educational courses, offering additional annual leave, or travel allowances. Be sure you know exactly what’s on the table before making any decisions.Read More →

How To Write Effective Meeting Minutes

If the meeting is one of a series, and the previous minutes are in ‘long-form’, do check with the meeting chair that it is acceptable for you to write ‘short-form’ minutes only. At the same time, ask them if there are any particular issues you should be aware of during the meeting.

Make sure you have a copy of the previous minutes for reference; it will help when noting progress – or otherwise – on follow-up actions.Read More →