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Competency Based Interview Questions - Competency Interview Questions

How do you manage your workload effectively? Everyone has their own way of keeping on top of their tasks and responsibilities, making sure they meet their deadlines and goals. Perhaps you have a list of tasks which you order by priority, reviewing this list throughout the day and reordering if needed. Either way, be prepared to talk about how you stay organised and in control of your own workload. The employees who can rise to a challenge and think of innovative ways to solve a problem are the ones who go on to achieve great things both for themselves and the business. Read More →

Interview Cheat Sheet - Job Interview

In the days before the interview, draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On the left side, make a bulleted list of what the employer is looking for based on the job posting. On the right side, make a bulleted list of the qualities you possess that fit those requirements. Write at least five success stories to answer behavioral interview questions (“Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of a time…”).Read More →

Job Interview - Job Search Tips

Picture this nightmare: You walk into an interview for your dream job, shake hands with the hiring manager, sit down, and then realize you’ve arrived completely empty-handed. We’re talking no copies of your resume, no pen and paper for notes—heck, it’s a miracle you remembered to put on deodorant! Unfortunately, your lack of preparation may have just cost you your dream job. To prevent something like this from happening, you should start preparing for your interview as soon as a company gets in touch with you about your candidacy.Read More →